25Review K4 on Bonedo Musikerportal

The German website for musicians Bonedo has reviewed the masterkeyboard expanded K4EX. Read the test result by following the link.

25New Physis piano H1 and K4 videos on the net

New video sources are available on the net for those who wish to deepen Acquaintances of this line of instruments and we recommend viewing.

16Viscount awarded

Viscount International SpA, a manufacturer of musical instruments, was awarded as Centenary Company during the assembly of Rimini Industrial Confederation.

12Physis Piano H1 test

Polish site muzykuj has recently reviewed the model Physispiano H1. The result has been extremely positive.

31Gary Girouard Plays Physis Piano H1 at Frankfurt fair 2014.

Physis Piano H1 is played by Gary Girouard at Frankfurt fair on 13 03 2014.

31Physis Piano K4 Master Keyboard played by Robert Karasek at Frankfurt Fair 2014

Physis Piano K4 with Physis Piano sound generator expansion is played by Robert Karasek at Frankfurt Fair 2014

25PHYSIS PIANO distributed in China by AMASON (Pearl River Group)

We are proud to announce that the company Amason (Pearl River Group) has been appointed as a sole a distributor for the Physis Piano products in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.\nIn the picture, Mr. Mauro Galanti, President of Viscount International and Mr.Liu Chunqing, General Manager of Amason shaking hands during the ceremony of the sign of the agreement.

31Physis Piano at NAMM 2014

The Physis Pinao H1 and new models V100 and K4 of Physis Pinao line have been presented in the U.S. at the 2014 NAMM show.

13Physis piano H1 article in “AMAZONA MUSIKER MAGAZIN”

The music portal "AMAZONA MUSIKER MAGAZIN" has recently reviewed an article in respect of the Physis Piano H1.

07Physis piano H1 test in “BONEDO DAS MISIKERPORTAL”

The music portal "BONEDO DAS MUSIKERPORTAL" has recently reviewed a test in respect of the Physis Piano H1. The test was entitled "futurism in the luxury class".

19Physis Piano Seminary for Trius

Thank you to all the participants at Physis Piano for Trius Vertrieb Gmbh seminary in Italy!


Where is the Physis Piano made? How much does it weight? ... continue

Software Updates

The software of Physis Piano is upgradable. Please find and download your upgrades.

Video Tutorials

A video section shows some tutorials on Physical modeling techinque and how main editing parameters works.